About Us

Organic farm in Hughson, CA.

Inzana Ranch and Produce is a 190 acre organic farm located four miles southeast of Hughson, California.

We’re in ‘Tree Nut Country’ on the east side of the northern San Joaquin Valley in Stanislaus County.


Our home and ranch is one of the last working examples of a late 19th century pre-irrigated central California wheat ranch still existing. We purchased the property in 1985 and it has been in an almost continuous state of improvement and restoration since. Built in 1890, near the end of the Victorian era, the original house, barns, and out buildings were all constructed of redwood inside and out. They have all been faithfully rebuilt or refurbished.

Farmed today with the aid of flood, drip and micro-sprinkler irrigation systems, they have been transformed entirely to densely planted organic fruit and nut orchard, the landscape would not resemble much of its late 19th century rolling wheat field self.

Completely converted to solar and geothermal energy sources for its power since 2006, the ranch has entered the 21st century fit and trim.

As custodians of history, so to speak, we continue to honor, appreciate and guard the past at the same time as recognize that the future depends on our attention to the new and ever challenging demands of our rapidly changing environment and world.

Joye and I look forward to sharing our bounties with you, our friends and patrons, and invite you all to visit us at the ranch or at numerous farmers markets in the greater San Francisco Bay Area  and Monterey.