First Entry

Friday August 23, 2013 3:29 pm
well, guess what, Tony is actually sitting down to make an entry in 'my corner' .... and that's really something considering the fact that I seldom     sit down this time of year and rarely have the time to compose letters or respond in writing to correspondence, but I suppose this is somewhat different since we've been working on this website project for more than six months now and Joye gave me 'my corner' so I need to contribute or she'll take it away!    This is the third week of August, the19th to be exact, Monday, I'm picking probably 10 varieties of apples alternately depending on the Farmers market location and preferences, Mutsu, Crimsom Gala, Sierra Beauty, Dorset Golden, Royal Empire, Liberty, Swiss Gourmet, Gale Gala, Galaxy Gala, Auvil Fuji, Honey Crisp, Somerfeld.  Apples in the central valley of California come early for the relative variety compared to other parts of the state because of the intense heat.   An apple matures at the same rate on the inside as it colors on the outside at approximately 80 degrees, cooler than 80 promotes coloring before the apple is fully ripe on the inside, warmer than 80 increases the inside ripeniing ahead of the outside coloring.  That explains why a Fuji will will be less colored in the San Joaquin Valley in central California when ripe than it will be in say, the Hollister area or the San Juan Valley, which both have more mild heat, the lesser the heat the longer/slower the maturation, so the later the harvest.  As much as a month difference depending on the variety.  Joye likes apples.  So we planted apples.  In fact, apples were about the first fruit trees we planted., I think we have close to 30 varieties!     This is a busy month for us, particularly this year because it seems almost every fruit variety is having a good year, and  probably because of the fact that last year we experienced poorer production because of  spring frosts, this year's production is more bountiful. That sometimes happens because the trees actually enjoy a rest and set a bigger crop the following year.  Almond harvest preparation is in full swing and actual harvesting should begin the 1st week in September.. I'm irrigating the early varieties of almonds for the last time this week, their trunks will need to be dry for at least two weeks before the trees can be shaken, this lessens the occurrence of bark slippage.  Almond harvest is the first of our nuts to be harvested,  followed by chestnuts, pistachios, walnuts, filberts, and pecans.  All the while, of course, we continue to pick for our Farmers markets, remember there's still peaches, plums, pluots, pears, both asian and european, nectarines, figs, grapes, late season apricots, prunes, in addition to apples, it seems it never ends, this is the part that Joye particularly dislikes.   Well shucks, that wasn't too bad, that's my very first 'corner' entry, hope it was informative, I'll try to keep you updated regularly and provide you a glimpse of my activities.  Next on the agenda is servicing and prepping all the equipment for harvest.